Slow Fashion

Slow Fashion


After the world is hit by COVID-19, there are many realizations that have come up. In the world of fashion, where the trends are fast changing with every season, this has been a wake up call.


Fast fashion has been criticized on higher levels now. Hence, the need for Slow Fashion.


Slow fashion, as the name suggests, means fashion that remains for years and not only a season. It involves buying better quality garments that last long with fair treatment of people, animals and planet. Fewer and specific styles per collection will be released twice or maximum thrice per year.

The main focus is to produce durable goods via traditional techniques.

The positive thing which comes out of this practice is the emphasis on the Art of clothes making and celebrating the skills of craftsmen who make them.


Why is it needed?


When Rana Plaza in Dhaka, Bangladesh collapsed and more than 1200 garment factory workers died, we all gasped about how the building was weak and there were cracks in it. But the garment factory continued to operate. This is the price of fast fashion, which we often fail to notice, are derived out of our choices. Such choices have serious impacts on our environment.


With the changing global dynamics, locally sourced, produced and sold goods will gear more demand.

 The future of fashion looks more radical with new sustainable technological innovations.

Can we say Slow Fashion is the new trend? Yes.