Minimalist Fashion


Minimalist Fashion is defined by one major principle: Keep it Simple!

In fashion, this can also be seen as a trend where only the essential elements are identified. Structured silhouettes, limited colour selections and even a bare minimum!

It may be hard to get rid of that urge for extra and we sometimes do tend to buy things that are aspirational or thought to be needed for a future specific occasion. But the ulterior aim of all minimalist fashion style is to Get Back to Basics.


Colour or no colour?

As an aesthetic, neutral filled wardrobe is one aspect of minimalist fashion . Surely, you don’t have to sacrifice your favourite colour hues to be a minimalist. Just tightly edit your chosen colour palette. You can use colours that work well together and yet give a feeling of simplicity.

Pair a bright hue with neutral tones (like blue or black denim or trousers). If you love colours and still want to be a minimalist, then you can pair a bright colour like a magenta top with a more subtle tone like rose gold trousers/skirt.


How should you style like a minimalist?

 Throw some box cuts, A-lines and straight silhouettes.

No extra frills or ruffles or embroidery.

More of structural tops with statement bottoms.

You can never go wrong with a basic white tee worn with black blazer, jeans and boots.

Layering is the key to any minimalist wardrobe. Styling a piece of dress in different ways ( with a t-shirt/skirt/sweater/jacket/belt) will give you many options at your disposal.

 Just mix & match and voila!

Minimalist fashion may seem difficult in practice but it’s fun and relieving, as your closet is there to compliment you and not occupy your headspace.

Pinpointing: less is more.