How the Fashion industry has changed for Plus-Size Women

How the Fashion industry has changed for Plus-Size Women

For a long time, the fashion industry has been under serving and under representing the plus-sized women even though a large percentage of women are wearing size XL and above.

 While big brands have started to catch up and launching plus size clothing too, the independent brands are not only including the plus sizes, they are reshaping the whole experience around it.

Now, garments for every body shape, occasion, and style are made readily available through just one click of a button. It helps that the site also takes on a body positive stance, taking extended sizing out of the niche corners and into the mainstream.

 No surprises that the plus sized industry’s revenue is now increased considerably over the years. Thanks to social media, brands are more aware and vocal about body positivity and inclusivity.

 Bollywood celebrities like Vidya Balan, Sonakshi Sinha, Huma Qureshi have time and again defied the fashion norm to have the perfect body to be fashionable. It has sparked meaningful conversations and empowered the consumers to carefully choose their loyalties towards brands.


Plus-sized women industry needs to grow more

The luxury world, in particular, continues to lack in the inclusive department, with very limited high fashion labels committing to the cause. This is only the beginning though, as more improvements are made in the industry every day. There is a long way to go!