Comfort Clothing

Comfort Clothing

In the current scenario, people are buying from home and most likely to wear them at home only. And that’s why there has been a surge in demand for comfort clothing.


So, what is Comfort Clothing?

It’s a state when you are at your utmost comfort, physically and psychologically.

Physically, clothing made with fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, that have natural fibre can be quite comfortable while at home or workout etc.

While psychologically, studies have shown clothing comfort can affect understanding and performance. It also helps you feel self-assured and confident.

And who says that comfort clothing can’t be fashionable?

You can wear ‘Elevated Basics’ like tailored T-shirts and sweat pants.

Throw your Pyjama Pants, that have silky and luxurious texture,in Public with a statement top!

Wear Flats That Feel Like Slippers!

Wear long layers on any basic tee and look chic!


For a long time we have been wanting this to become our new normal because, let’s face it, this is what we are most comfortable in.


Happy comforting!